Take your practice of abundance back to nature at this powerful, touching, and inspiring retreat weekend.

What you manifest in life is generated from your creative core – the part of you that connects your spirituality with the practical world that we live in. Every one of us has access to this core, but the key to manifesting what we want is to express it authentically.


Too often we stifle this creative impulse because we compare ourselves to others. We have been told we aren’t “good enough,” have fears and doubts about our talents, and are concerned about how we look to others. Yet we yearn for the experience of this authentic expression, because it is in these moments that we feel most fulfilled and purposeful.


Whatever your heartfelt desires are, freeing yourself from the traps of your beliefs, fears, doubts and historical experiences that hold you stagnant is essential to manifesting them.


Take your practice of abundance back to nature this summer with workshop facilitator and coach Liz Wolfe and SoulCollage® facilitator Ruth Anne Wolfe, for a powerful, touching, and inspiring weekend.


Retreat activities will include deeply stimulating conversation and exercises, writing, art, walks in nature, the creation of a SoulCollage®, movies, and of course, time for relaxation and reflection. All activities are intended to awaken your creative core and will empower you to create what you desire. At the end of the retreat you will experience freedom and purpose, and have a clear intention about expressing and manifesting your vision authentically in our physical world.

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