Do you put off completing projects because:


— you lose interest if they go on too long?


— you keep jumping to new ideas?


— you don’t know which unfinished project to focus on first?


— you’re afraid you won’t be able to meet your own expectations?


— you don’t want your work to be judged by others?


— you feel like quitting when you hit an unexpected roadblock?

You are not alone.


Entrepreneurs are known for their creative genius, but that doesn’t always translate into a finished product. As a result, projects that are started with enthusiasm fall by the wayside, and great business ideas die on the vine.


As you look back on 2022, what did you hope to accomplish that’s still unfinished? It’s likely that competing priorities, lack of confidence, and low motivation got in the way of your success. You still have the opportunity to finish your year strong and position yourself for success in 2023. Attend my free masterclass to learn how to get to completion on your most important initiatives.


    “Working with Liz helped me to clarify what a prosperous business means to me.
    I was able to envision, experience, and amplify my success with passion and authenticity. – Cia de Lawrence

    No matter how hard you work, you’ll struggle if you don’t know
    what’s getting in the way of following through to completion


    The good news is that you can gain the confidence and motivation you need
    so you can finish your year strong.


    After just 90 minutes, you’ll walk away with:

    A fool proof method to help you keep going even when you
    feel like quitting


    How to prioritize your business ideas so that you
    honor your deadlines


    One mistake most entrepreneurs make that’s harming their business-
    and how to avoid it


    One simple question you can ask yourself about whether to
    stick with a project


    How to stay confident in your ideas despite the naysayers

    This is a live masterclass that includes valuable content and participatory exercises.
    You’ll get individualized coaching from me and receive support
    from a community of similarly motivated entrepreneurs.

    “Every time I attend one of Liz’s masterclasses, I walk away inspired and motivated.
    This masterclass delivers the goods!
    ” – Jennifer Martine

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    Masterclass Details:


    Date: Wednesday, December 7, 2022

    Time: 1:00 – 2:30 PM EST


    Where: Live online on Zoom!

    Link to masterclass is provided after registration.

      “I loved the interactive nature of this call. The exercises were instrumental in helping me
      to see how my stories about my circumstances were holding me back.
      I saw an immediate shift in how I was working in my business afterwards.”  – Maria Ciccone

      Liz’s Personal Journey to Achieving Business Completion


      Liz Wolfe got her entrepreneurial start growing up on a sheep farm in Western Pennsylvania with her mother and two sisters.  They built a cottage industry making and selling woolen items, which helped Liz develop her selling skills from the age of 10.


      Later she moved to NYC, where she used those skills to create a successful CRM consulting business with her husband, Jon.


      She is now a business coach, author, and speaker who coaches entrepreneurs to get unstuck so that they can launch and grow an abundant business.  For more than 20 years she has empowered people with her three-part coaching system starting with a clear vision coupled with purposeful action, and removing hidden barriers to get breakthrough results for her clients.


      Liz says that one of her greatest accomplishments is staying married to her husband for 25 years while running a business with him.  They have two wonderful children. Always eager to get in front of a crowd, Liz also plays the ukulele and is half of the singing duo Ukulicious.