Kick your business into high gear!  Start creating the success you’re dreaming of NOW!

Are you frustrated that your business revenue has remained stagnant year to year?


Do you find yourself drained and exhausted as you work to attract new clients?


Are you frustrated with spending time daily on endless to-do lists realizing it’s not helping your business to grow?


Do you feel alone and long for a supportive community that understands what you’re going through?


Do you want to spend more time doing the work you love, so that you can experience the joy your business brings to you and others?

I feel your pain.


I spent the first ten years of my business working my tail off, going to endless networking events, and enrolling in courses that were supposed to help me grow my business. Yet even after all that effort I still did not see the return I expected for my business.


I was determined to figure out what else might be holding me back.  I was surprised to discover that it had nothing to do with having a better marketing plan or sales techniques and everything to do with my limiting beliefs that were stopping me dead in my tracks. Once I identified and broke through those limiting beliefs, my business started to take off!


Imagine what your business would be like if you were able to break free from what is holding you back…


… If you were able to experience freedom of expression and to be creative and joyful in your work…

… If you finally saw the results of what you’ve worked so hard for…

… If you felt confident in your work – and your revenue matched that confidence…

… If you had a waiting list of clients who wanted to pay top dollar for your services…

… If you were to take off the brakes and finally create the life of your dreams…


If you’re ready for that, you’re ready to be a part of the Entrepreneur Accelerator Mastermind!

The Entrepreneur Accelerator Mastermind is unlike any business group you’ve ever been a part of.


As a result of your participation you will…

  • Bust through your limiting beliefs so you can make the money you want
  • Get clear on the big vision of your business for the next 1 – 3 years
  • Set purposeful business milestones and stay accountable to completing them through our weekly check-ins
  • Leverage the power of my proven three step system for creating sales success
  • Get tools to help you stay motivated and see your projects through to completion now and in the future
  • Be part of a supportive and engaged community of motivated entrepreneurs



I know the powerful effect that these things have had on my own business over the years. I’ve also seen the results show up for my clients. Irene Rivera, founder of IMR Professional coaching, had this to say about her participation:


“This thought provoking, purpose driven program has provided me with the opportunity to reset my business vision and strategy. As a result, I have clarity about my vision for my business and a strategy for how I am going to achieve it. The program provides a platform where I have authentic discussions with other entrepreneurs, identify limiting beliefs and barriers that are holding me back, and provides a  mechanism for evaluating progress and accountability.


I recommend this program to anyone seeking to develop or further their business.  Liz offers a wealth of business experience and provides a platform for other entrepreneurs to get real about what they are seeking to accomplish, holds people accountable, and offers a system that works to achieve results.  Definitely a program to consider regardless of where you are in your entrepreneurial journey!”

This mastermind group is for you if…

  • You know it’s finally time to accelerate your business.
  • You want to get more clients who appreciate your talents
  • You’re ready to create money with ease and joy
  • You want to have a definite plan for your business that you can follow through to completion
  • You know that having accountability in your business will keep you on track to see faster results



By participating in this mastermind you will be clear on your business vision, attract more clients and money, break through the limiting beliefs that hold you back, implement effective techniques for goal setting, leverage my proven system to create sales success, break the bonds of procrastination and follow your commitments through to completion.


Mastermind Details:

  • Two live group coaching sessions each month that include content, spotlight coaching, and Q&A.
  • Weekly challenges will get you into action so that you can see immediate results
  • Share your results, ask questions, and get feedback and coaching from me in a private Facebook Group
  • Commitment is month-to-month.  Start or stop at any time! (I recommend a three month commitment to maximize success.)
  • Calls are recorded so you can listen even if you can’t make the call live.


Here are some other rave reviews from previous participants …

“I got clear on my vision and goals, and that made it possible to increase my productivity in ways I never thought were possible.


“I love the weekly challenges which have motivated me and helped me to focus, have courage, and believe in myself.”


“I had a breakthrough in creating more time.”


“It helped me to clear away my old beliefs and get a better idea on how to start creating abundance in my business.”


“Asking powerfully was valuable.  As a result, I signed off on an office improvement project that was aligned with my budget, by simply asking!!! So good!”


“I have replaced willpower with commitment, and discipline with motivation.  This makes me much more excited to work in my business every day.  Because I’m happier, my clients are happier, and that results in higher revenue.”

It’s time to finally move forward and step into the role of entrepreneur that you’ve always dreamed of. Sign up for the Entrepreneur Accelerator Mastermind NOW!


Space is limited.  Register TODAY for a special introductory rate of just $97/month – a savings of 50%!


BONUS! Sign up for three months and get the first month plus a Vision Roadmap Private Session for only $147  (a savings of $197!)

Entrepreneur Accelerator Course

About Liz


Liz Wolfe is a skilled and energetic motivational speaker, coach and trainer. For more than 20 years she has inspired hundreds of people with her passionate stand of abundance: “There is plenty for everyone, including me.” She empowers her coaching clients with her unique system: “A Clear Vision + Purposeful Action – Hidden Barriers = Breakthrough Results.”




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