Are You Ready to Make 2020 the Year You
Leap Forward and Reach Your Goals?

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How did your business do in 2019? If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you have a mix of results, some you’re proud of, others not so much.


Sorry to say, but there’s no reason to believe this year will be different.


If you keep using the same-old goal setting methods you’ve always used, how can you expect your results to be any different?


I’m Liz Wolfe, and I’ve been coaching entrepreneurs for over 20 years. I believe that the typical goal-setting approach has limited power because it disregards an entrepreneur’s individuality.


To achieve breakthrough results in your business, you need to create a Personalized Abundance System.


That’s why I developed LEAP 2020.  


It’s a transformative approach to business planning. Participate in exercises, and hands-on support so you can create a personalized path to abundance in 2020.

Here’s What We’ll Do:


  • Create a Personalized Abundance System that lays out what to do and how to do it, so you can reach your goals in a way that’s tailored to you


  • Envision what you want to create in a way that both stretches and inspires you 


  • Unpack the mindset blocks that weigh you down so you can take inspired action


  • Develop a 90-day action plan to implement your Personalized Abundance System – no more stressing about how to get your year off to a great start


Rave reviews from previous participants …

I gained so much more than knowledge of the content we covered. I gained an insight into what abundance means to me … In this first week since the class I’ve already begun to reap abundance both financially and spiritually. – Marylyn King, Founder and Chief Message Maker at The Expert of Choice LLC

It’s time to finally create a personalized system that works for you in your business.


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About Liz


Liz Wolfe is a skilled and energetic motivational speaker, coach and trainer. For more than 20 years she has inspired hundreds of people with her passionate stand of abundance: “There is plenty for everyone, including me.”


Liz got her entrepreneurial start growing up on a sheep farm in Western Pennsylvania with her mother and two sisters.  They had a cottage industry making and selling wool items, where Liz developed her public speaking and selling skills. Later she moved to NYC to get as far away from the farming life as possible. Her inner entrepreneurial spirit traveled with her, and she created a successful computer consulting business with her husband, Jon.


Eventually she transitioned out of the technology business to apply her experience in a more interpersonal context. She now coaches entrepreneurs to overcome their self-doubts so they can sell with confidence and create an abundant business.


Liz Wolfe Coaching – Copyright 2020