Liz Wolfe | Live Events
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Live Events

Join Liz in New York City live and in person for transformational workshops, trainings, retreats, and one-day events.

Bagels & Breakthroughs: A Networking and Coaching Event (Coming Soon)

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Come out for quality networking time with similarly motivated entrepreneurs and other professionals, followed by a business coaching event designed to move you and your business forward.

Online Courses

Three old keys

Join Liz for a series of live online events such as webinars, broadcasts, courses and more.

Teen trainings

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Liz partners with Luminary Education, a company whose mission is to create a movement of empowered youth. Our trainings are designed to inspire young people to embrace beneficial behaviors so that they feel connected, confident, and content.

Awakening the Creative Self


Take your practice of abundance back to nature at this powerful, touching, and inspiring retreat weekend.

Abundance Breakthrough Course (TBA)

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The Abundance Breakthrough Course is a 2.5-day mind-blowing breakthrough experience where you will sever your deep-rooted connections to scarcity and emerge with freedom and passion to create the abundance that you dream of for yourself and the world.


New Year’s Resolutions – Friend or Foe?

Did you know…45% of Americans set New Year’s Resolutions, but only 8% of those people are always successful in achieving their resolutions? This is a powerful and fun seminar where you’ll learn about creating and following through on goals and intentions for the New Year that are authentic and empowering for you.

Powerful Vision

Your vision can be many things. It can show you where you want to go and who you want to become. It can encompass the next few days or even the next few decades. Whatever it is though, it is most importantly a tool – individual to you – to creating a life full of purpose, abundance, and integrity.

Watch this video “Powerful Vision, Powerful Life!” to get clarity on your personal vision and learn how to harness it to create exactly the life you want.

Three Keys

What are the top three skills that you think you need to grow a thriving business or have a successful life? Most people answer that the keys to success are working hard, gaining experience, and getting connected to the right people.  Watch this webinar “The Three Keys to a Richer Life”  and bust up the old stereotypes of what it takes to get ahead, and learn about three simple tools that you can use right away to create the success you dream of.