Does Selling Make You Cringe?

Discover how to overcome your fears and sell with confidence.

One of the biggest challenges many entrepreneurs face is selling. And the reasons aren’t what you think.


No matter how many techniques you learn about “how” to sell, if your mindset comes from a place of fear, you will struggle.


The good news is you can learn to shift that mindset so you can enjoy an abundant business doing what you love. And it’s not as hard as you think!


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  • The 5 biggest fears that stop entrepreneurs from selling their services
  • How to release those fears to make selling easier and more natural
  • What to say to inspire your potential clients to say “yes” to you!
  • One simple thing you can do to immediately improve your sales results


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Liz Wolfe is a skilled and energetic motivational speaker, coach and trainer. For more than 20 years she has inspired hundreds of people with her passionate stand of abundance: “There is plenty for everyone, including me.”


Liz got her entrepreneurial start growing up on a sheep farm in Western Pennsylvania with her mother and two sisters. Later she moved to NYC to get as far away from the farming life as possible. Her inner entrepreneurial spirit traveled with her, and she created a successful computer consulting business with her husband, Jon.


Eventually she transitioned out of the technology business to apply her experience in a more interpersonal context. She now coaches entrepreneurs to overcome their self-doubts so they can sell with confidence and create an abundant business.