The Joy of Being an Entrepreneur

Ever have a bunch of tasks that aren’t a high priority, but when you get them done it feels sooooo good? That was my day yesterday: boxing up the Sodastream CO2 bottles to be exchanged, binding some music books I’ve promised to people, looking up hotels for a trip I’m planning, etc.

I generally let those types of tasks pile up because they don’t directly relate to growing my business, but then I feel cluttered and unproductive as I look at that pile. So every once in a while I give myself the time and space to handle them. After they’re complete I feel a sense of relief because they were weighing on me, even if I didn’t realize it.

There’s a fine line between “catching up” and “procrastinating,” though. Technically, that pile never COMPLETELY goes away, and I can always find more tasks just like that one to do. Funny enough, having TOO much unstructured time on my hands can also be a deterrent to being productive.

Since summer is my favorite time of year, I’m embracing the slower pace. I know that in September I’ll be ramping back up with more events (more on those soon.) I’ll also be helping my daughter apply to colleges, which is simultaneously exciting and intimidating. But before then I’ll be taking another trip in our new RV to drop my son off at his college, and hosting a Camp-n-Jam at my upstate house (all are welcome!)

This is the joy of being an entrepreneur – to have “time freedom” so I can choose my pace and still have my business flourish. I look forward to helping you to create that time freedom, too!

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