Does your business feel like an obligation?

Remember when you started your business, how you imagined your days would be filled with creative, joyful activities that would inspire you every day? And you would revel in the freedom to choose what to work on whenever you wanted to do it?

Then why is it that so many of my coaching clients talk to me about things they “have to” get done? (“I really have to get that proposal out.” “I have to work on my website.” “I have to do billing.”)

If it’s not what they “have to” work on, it’s what they “should” be working on. (“I should be making sales calls.” “I should be posting on social media more.” “I should be working on my new program.”)

Hmmm. Doesn’t sound very inspiring or joyful to me.

Saying you “have to” do something is one way of motivating yourself to do something you don’t want to do. As a technique, it works moderately well. But if you do use “have to” or “should” as a way to get yourself out of bed and in action, you’re going to be left with a sense of obligation and drudgery.

When we’ve devolved into this “duty, burden, and obligation” way of thinking in our business, it makes us feel stuck, overwhelmed, and uninspired.

To say you “have to” do something implies no choice. But we do have a choice. We could (and often do) choose not to do it. And, you COULD choose to go and get a job (or never quit the one you’re in.) But most entrepreneurs would rather stick needles in their eyes.

To reframe this way of thinking, work on catching yourself when you say “I have to” or “I should.” Instead, say “I choose to” or “I choose not to.” (“I choose to work on my billing.” “I choose not to post on social media.”) Owning this choice is infinitely more empowering.

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