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What do you think the three keys to creating an abundant business are?


If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’ve heard repeatedly that working hard, getting to know the right people, and having the best credentials are your tickets to success.  So why are we all working so hard yet feeling so stuck?


I build a solid case for ditching those old myths and instead to embrace the three keys to abundance – Ask Powerfully, Give wholeheartedly, and Receive Graciously. In the Power of Asking, I elaborate on the first key, and answers the question “What’s the fastest way to move my business forward and get what I want?”


In this book are the reasons that we don’t ask effectively – if we ask at all – and what to do to overcome your fears.


Full of practical techniques, this short book will get you on the path to asking for what you want so that your business can flourish.


“If you want a breakthrough in the realm of abundance for your business, get this book. I’ve known Liz for many years and she is the abundance coach par excellence!” Art Brown, Voiceover Artist

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About Liz


Liz Wolfe got her entrepreneurial start growing up on a sheep farm in Western Pennsylvania with her mother and two sisters.  They built a cottage industry making and selling woolen items, which helped Liz develop her selling skills from the age of 10.


Later she moved to NYC, where she used those skills to create a successful CRM consulting business with her husband, Jon.


She is now a business coach, author, and speaker who coaches entrepreneurs to get unstuck so that they can launch and grow an abundant business.  For more than 20 years she has empowered people with her three-part coaching system starting with a clear vision coupled with purposeful action, and removing hidden barriers to get breakthrough results for her clients.


Liz says that one of her greatest accomplishments is staying married to her husband for 25 years while running a business with him.  They have two wonderful children. Always eager to get in front of a crowd, Liz also plays the ukulele and is half of the singing duo Ukulicious.