Money is like a dog

Have you ever owned a dog?

I have. Dogs need a lot of attention. Not only do they require regular feeding, but they have to be walked, picked up after, and given love.  And the thing about dogs is, if you don’t pay attention to them, they let you know it. This is precisely why I don’t have one.

Cats are a different story.  They still require feeding, and many are very affectionate, but you don’t have to walk them, and worst case scenario, you can fill up their bowl with food and leave them alone for the day.

I also have a couple house plants, and those require the least amount of attention of all.  As long as I water my Christmas cactus two or three times a month, I can keep it alive and it will faithfully produce flowers once a year.

In your business, do you treat money like it’s a dog, a cat, or a houseplant? Too often I speak to people about their money woes, only to find out that they haven’t really been giving their money the loving attention it wants. They don’t have a strategic spending plan (otherwise known as a budget), they don’t know how much is in their bank accounts, and they end up leaving a lot of money on the table by not following up with prospects. The irony being, of course, that most people are in business because they want the joy of money freedom.

If you think of your money like it’s a dog, and give it loving attention, I promise you will have a lot more of it. Where in your business have you been treating money like a cat, or worse, a house plant?  Add a comment and let me know.

Even a houseplant will die if you never water it.  Give your money the loving attention it wants. If you’d like support with strategizing about ways that you can create the money freedom you want, set up a free 45-minute business strategy session with me here.