Want more abundance? Be grateful for this…

Many of us have a tradition of sharing what we’re grateful for around the Thanksgiving table. It’s a time when we acknowledge the bounty of what we have – the people we love, our health, our homes, and the food we’re about to share.
Usually when we express our gratitude, we are focusing on what we already have. But you know what? You don’t actually need to have anything to be grateful. Yep, you can just sit still for a moment, close your eyes, and experience gratitude without any pre-conditions.
Which means that you can also be grateful for what you don’t have yet.
This is easier than it sounds. Just think about what you want, and imagine that it is on its way to you now. How will you feel when it arrives? Connect with that experience, and be grateful for that
By being grateful for what you don’t have yet, you shift your perspective from scarcity (I don’t have it yet) to abundance (I trust it is on its way to me and I’m ready to receive it!). This is a powerful technique that you can practice at any time to draw more abundance into your life.
This year, I’m grateful for the work that we do together in our community of entrepreneurs, and I am grateful for the hundreds of people who are on their way to joining us!
Wishing you a joyful, abundant and safe Thanksgiving.


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