If you want more money, don’t do this.

I recently attended one of those online networking meetings where they have specific questions for attendees to answer. One of the questions they asked was, “What are you looking for that we might be able to help you with?”

Since I frequently work with newer entrepreneurs, I said, “I would love an introduction to anyone who is looking to launch and grow an abundant business.” To which the moderator replied, “We all know someone who wants to start a business, but usually they’re struggling and don’t have the money to invest in coaching.”

Making assumptions about how much money people have and what they’re willing to spend is one of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs can make, but we do it all the time.  This often results in stopping short of actually asking for the sale, or lowering the price to try to “help” them.

If someone wants to buy your product but says they don’t have the money, say “Great! Tell me why you want to buy it.” That will redirect the conversation to the value that your service provides. Engaging in their money conversation will just reinforce their scarcity conversation. 

What I have noticed is that people will spend money (sometimes a lot!) on all kinds of things, if they want it and value it. Making sure that you are providing a desirable solution to a problem they have is the best way to get around a money conversation. If it is, they will figure out how to get the money.


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