Business in the time of coronavirus

Are these crazy times or what? In all my years of business I’ve never experienced anything like it – even having lived through events as severe as 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy.

In just a few short days we’ve seen entire cities shut down (not to mention states and even countries!), and watched while thousands of small businesses and solopreneurs lose opportunities to generate revenue to keep their business afloat.

To make matters more challenging, “social distancing” has left many of us feeling isolated, with even simple day-to-day interactions like buying a cup of coffee at our favorite coffee shop lost to us.

It’s easy in these situations to get caught up in doomsday scenarios and be carried away by our fear of the unknown. I know how important it is to have an abundance mindset to counteract those fears, so I’ve decided to host a free weekly group Zoom call to support our community of entrepreneurs. We’ll meet on Wednesdays at 1:00 PM EST until we can get through this. You can join the call at, or by dialing 646-876-9923 and using meeting code 618-086-0750.

And while the situation is certainly serious, there are ways we can leverage this forced slowdown. Here are a few things that you can do:

– Get stuff done. You know those projects you said you would like to do, if only you had the time? Now is the time to get them done. Write that book, update that web page, publish those blog posts, start that podcast, finish that online course… By doing these projects you will feel more empowered and in control. Extra bonus is that when business picks up again (which it will, I assure you!) you’ll have strengthened the structure of your business.

– Handle something you’ve been tolerating. Stand in the middle of your work space and look around. What bugs you? How about those unfiled papers, old business cards, unanswered low priority emails, and other tasks that keep your space and brain cluttered? Every item you check off your stale to-do list will feel like an accomplishment and inspire you to do more.

– Network. I guarantee there are at least 10 people you could reach out to today to check in on and network with. Start with those old business cards. Send an email to reconnect, or better yet, just pick up the phone and call. There’s never going to be a better time to have a conversation and to create relationships with people.

Just because we’re not able to be together in person doesn’t mean we need to isolate ourselves. Luckily technology is on our side and we can use it to connect. Join me on Wednesday’s at 1:00 PM EST so that we can come together to share our concerns and get support. The link to join is

Send me a quick message here to let me know you’ll be joining, and feel free to spread the word to other people who would benefit by participating. I look forward to seeing you on the call!

Need some support with your business during these trying times? 

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