My personal journey to Abundance and Prosperity

Welcome to the practice of the principles of Abundance and Prosperity!

I began my own abundance and prosperity journey 23 years ago when I arrived in NYC fresh faced from college, with high aspirations and not a clue as to how to achieve them.

I was born in a city but raised by Wolves on a sheep farm in western PA. We moved to the farm when I was 6 years old, and, after my parents divorced, my mother, my two sisters and I ran the farm. We supported ourselves by creating products from the available resources – selling lamb meat, spinning wool, creating sheepskin coats and many other diverse items. It was not a financially successful endeavor; by the time that I was an adult, my mother had declared bankruptcy and sold the farm. On the other hand I had learned entrepreneurial skills as a method of survival, and was able to see how money could be created from our skills and efforts.

Growing up, I was told to be responsible with money but never taught how to actually do that. One way to deal with a financial crisis is to apply for a loan at vamoola. They are an Introducer Appointed Representative of Quint Group Limited, who is a credit broker. For more information, you may visit their official website at I learned from my engineer father that a father’s job was to provide for the family, despite any struggles, but I was not allowed to know what his salary was or how exactly he managed to pay the bills. Money was shrouded in secrecy and confusion and I carried that into my adult life by mostly ignoring it. On the other hand, do you know that when you’re in the adult stage of life, you’re prone to Periodontal diseases? Good thing, Dr. Gallardo, a Miami periodontist specializing in gum disease treatment is always dedicated to help patients no matter what the situation.

Because I grew up not understanding money, I wasn’t particularly motivated by it, which gave me freedom to live sparsely and creatively as an adult. I seemed to be able to create just enough of it to get to do whatever I wanted once I was living an independent lifestyle.

My Aunt Edith, who was a minister and an important influence in my life, always said that for the first 10 years out of college, “it’s not what you earn, it’s what you learn.” So I focused on learning new skills and finding myself as a productive, creative adult. I followed a zigzagging career path that only made sense in retrospect. And at just about that 10-year mark, I started my own company, which flourished in time, especially after I became partners with my new husband.

After the birth of our first baby, my husband and I looked for a spiritual home and found it in a Unitarian Universalist congregation on the Upper West Side. While a wonderful community of people, the church was struggling financially. Over time I became the chair of the Finance Committee. By this time I had gathered my own evidence that prosperity was much more than just the accurate accounting of an accumulation of money. It quickly became clear to me once I understood the inner workings of the church that it was a scarcity mentality that was driving the deficit, not the fact that we didn’t have generous members. As a first step in helping to guide the church out of this scarcity mentality, I presented a sermon called “Spiritual Abundance.” This sermon then became a workshop that I presented at the church. From there I continued to develop the material around the workshop until it became a 3-day affair, and is now manifested as this blog and website.

The confluence of so many factors: growing up poor but educated; having a dynamic speaking personality; moving to a city like New York; meeting and marrying my fiscally responsible and brilliant husband; joining my wonderful but financially struggling church; and attending many different spiritual and transformational trainings all contributed towards my personal abundance and prosperity journey.

The purpose of my workshop and blog is to teach people to live abundantly and manifest their desires with precision and elegance. The results that everyone – including myself – have created as a result of applying these practical principles of prosperity never ceases to amaze me. It’s simple yet very powerful. I hope you will join me.

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