How to make the right choice for you

Last week I wrote a blog post with tips about ways to stay productive during the coronavirus pandemic.While some people did appreciate that, I also got several responses with links to articles about how we shouldn’t place pressure on ourselves during these troubling and difficult times.

So which one is it? Should we keep forging ahead with working on our businesses, or should we take a more relaxed approach?

Watch this quick video I recorded to hear more about my recommendations on how to best handle this unusual situation.

And then join me tomorrow, Wednesday, April 15, at 1:00 PM EST for my Mindset Reset Community Call – a free Zoom group coaching call specifically geared towards providing support to entrepreneurs during the pandemic.

Barbara Kara of participated last week and said: “I felt so much better after the call…more supported and inspired. With the current situation, we really need to be in community with like-minded people. These Zoom calls fill that need beautifully.”

See you on the call!


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