My biggest accomplishment this year

This week I finally stopped procrastinating, and accomplished something I’ve wanted to do all year.

I placed a YouTube ad.

I’ve mentioned before that I spent nearly $1,000 on a YouTube ad training program last November, but never actually ran an ad. Last week I finally sat down with my team and we slogged through it until the ad went live.

It was hard.

Like irritating hard, not challenging hard.

I didn’t know which options to pick, was confused and resistant through most of it, and feared that I would pay money for an ad that wouldn’t work. (Which is probably true because since I launched I’ve gotten exactly one bite.) And it’s not over yet, because in order to be successful, I have to create and test many more ads.

But at least I did that much, which after a year, is a huge accomplishment.

In the end, it was a great reminder of how often we can get “stuck” while running our businesses. It’s confusing, irritating, and frustrating, and it feels like it should be easier than it is. It was also a great reminder of how staying accountable, getting support, and recommitting until the task is complete is key to moving forward.

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