To be a winner, get good at losing

I heard a song for the first time called “Learn to Lose” by Bakermat. (Looking it up on YouTube I see it has 10 million views, so clearly I’m a bit out of the loop.)

These lyrics in particular jumped out at me:

… it’s not how you get knocked down
It’s how you get back up
Don’t play safe
It’s how you break that makes you strong enough
Set fire to your soul
Go hard or go home
If you wanna be a winner
You gonna learn to lose …

I couldn’t agree more, philosophically. There’s one big problem. No one actually wants to lose.

Take sales, for instance. One big reason people are uncomfortable with selling is because they don’t like to be rejected. There’s no bigger losing than getting a straight out “no” from someone. It’s disheartening, and frankly, humiliating.

So what’s the best way to get over that? Purposely go out to get rejected as much as you can. That’s right, I want you to actually make the purpose of your sales calls to get rejected. Make big, bold asks that your fear of rejection would normally keep you from making. In doing so, you’ll be surprised as how many “yeses” you’ll get.

This is a topic that I go into in-depth during my 5-Day Sales Accelerator Challenge, which starts on Feb. 22.  I’ll be live daily for 5 days from 12:00 – 12:30 PM EST with content and challenges that you can put into action in your business immediately.


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