Seriously, is “anything” really possible?

I took a $10,000 coaching program once that promised to help me create “quantum leap” breakthrough results in my business. They disparaged the idea of incremental success, and instead encouraged us to make grandiose goals that were supposed to empower and inspire us.

I tried to run my business that way for years, putting all my energy into a big project with the expectation that I’d have a big payoff. Unfortunately, more often than not, I’d fall short of my goal and end up feeling quite the opposite of “empowered.”

I had a coaching session with one of my clients recently who told me that she had put intense energy into one project only to see it fall short, and when I asked why she committed to it, she said those fateful words, “Well, anything is possible, right?

It got me thinking, so I created this short video: “Is Anything REALLY Possible?” Check it out see what I have to say on the subject (and I’m not going to tell you to be “realistic,” either.)

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