Do you know the secret to sales success?

The number 1 frustration I hear from my clients about why their business isn’t growing is that they don’t have enough sales.

I get it. It’s frustrating to put so much energy into your business and not see results.

So when they ask me “What’s the secret to sales success?” my answer is simple: stop selling.

You might think that’s crazy talk. So let me explain how most entrepreneurs go about “selling.”

First, they do busy work so that they can avoid making sales calls. When they finally psych themselves up to make a call, they’re secretly glad when it goes to voice mail.

Once they do get someone on the phone, they immediately put on their cheery “sales” voice. But while they’re speaking to the prospect, they’re so afraid of being rejected that half of the time they end the call without even making any kind of an offer.

Can you relate?

The thing is, you think “selling” means to get someone to buy something from you.

But selling is really about investigating what their problem is and then helping them to decide whether your product or service is the right solution for them. If it is, the sale comes naturally. If it’s not, or they’re not ready to solve their problem yet, then it’s OK to let it go.

When you take this approach, it relieves the pressure to make a sale, deepens your relationship with your prospects and clients, and ultimately increases your revenue.

Our fear of rejection is just one of the common fears of selling, which you can read about in my free ebook “Strategies to Overcome the 5 Biggest Fears of Selling”. Click here to download it (no signup required.)


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