What do sheep have to do with sales?

Did you know I grew up on a sheep farm?

Yep, when I was 5 years old, my mother gave up her cushy life as a Pittsburgh suburban housewife, bought 148 acres and started raising sheep.

My sisters and I joke that the greatest benefit we got from being on the farm was that we could use the experience as fodder for our college entrance essays.

However, it wasn’t until way after college, when I started my own business, that I really benefited from the experience.

You see, traditional farming doesn’t bring in very much revenue. So my mother had to create other ways to bring in income. We began to spin yarn from the wool of our sheep, which we sold for a much higher price than we could get for the raw wool.

Eventually we had a full-on cottage industry, selling everything from yarn to sheepskin coats. We were often featured in the local newspapers, and were invited to festivals, where we demonstrated spinning or even shearing live sheep. (Yes, that’s me in the back at age 11).

Because of this, I started selling from a very young age. I learned to talk about the benefits of our products while facing rejection. I experimented with different ways of approaching potential customers. I learned that products have different values depending on the buyer. And I was constantly faced with the fear of failure if we didn’t make enough money.

It was the best training I could have had for being an entrepreneur.

I incorporated those lessons into the coaching I use to help my clients to succeed in selling their services. I’ve determined that there are 5 common fears that get in the way of sales success.

During my live 5-Day Sales Challenge, I’ll break down one of those fears each day and show you how to release it to make selling easier and more natural for you.

So sign up to participate in my 5-Day Sales Challenge to break free from the fears that stop your business from growing today!

See you at the challenge!

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