Vision or Fantasy?

When I start coaching new clients, the first thing we do together is a process called a Vision Roadmap. Through this process, we create a clear, vibrant, powerful vision for their business so that we know what to focus on in our sessions together.

One of the questions I ask is how much money they want to make. Occasionally they’ll say something like “a million dollars a year.”

My logical follow up question is, “How much money are you making now?” One memorable person answered: “Oh, about $20,000.”

Now, is it possible that next year you might make a million dollars starting from $20,000? Yes, I’m sure that somewhere in the world, there are examples of that. But I always take those examples with a grain of salt, because you don’t know what went into creating them. Maybe they ran a $100,000 Facebook ad campaign; maybe somebody lent them money; or maybe they brought in a million dollars, but their expenses were $999,000.

There is a difference between a “vision” and a “fantasy.” A vision is what you’re ready to commit to NOW. A fantasy is a far-off possibility that you can create only when you have the foundation in place to make it happen.

I like to set goals for myself that I am confident I can achieve. You won’t reach a goal that you feel intimidated by if it’s so big that you don’t even know where to start.

That’s not to say that you should base your vision on what you think is “realistic.” That’s usually code for “I’ll get it done if circumstances don’t get in the way.”

When you have a empowering vision, it’s easier to choose which actions to take today, because you can use your vision as a guide. You shift from “getting things done” to “doing great things.”  Ask yourself, what is an empowering vision for you? What gets you motivated? What calls you forward? That will help you to hit the sweet spot between “realistic” and “fantasy.”

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