You don’t “deserve” anything!

Every morning, I listen to guided meditations on a meditation app. I enjoy experimenting with a variety of styles and teachers. Some of them include affirmations and they all start with the same phrase:

“I am worthy.”

As soon as I hear that, I turn it off.

I believe that there is no greater distraction to success than trying to convince yourself that you are worthy or deserving.

People don’t have wealth, success, and abundance because they deserve it. They have it because they have received it.

Take a moment right now and think of someone that you don’t respect or don’t think has talent, but who does have what you consider to be success.

In your opinion, does that person “deserve” their success?

I’m guessing not.

The other problem with this concept of worthiness or deserving is that it’s an “as soon as” conversation. As in: “as soon as I am worthy” or “as soon as I feel deserving” THEN I can have success. So, you focus all your attention convincing yourself that you are worthy, RATHER than just working on expressing your brilliance.

Listen. You don’t have to justify your success based on how much you deserve it or how worthy you are. You are allowed to have as much abundance as you want.

I’m betting that if you are convincing yourself of your worthiness, that same message is also coming through when you are selling your services.

This is one of the common fears of selling which I’ll be covering in my upcoming 5-Day Sales Challengethe fear that people won’t get value from what you’re selling. After all, if you’re still trying to convince yourself that you are worthy, why would other people believe in your value?

People don’t buy from you because they believe in your worthiness. They buy from you because you provide a solution to their problem.

Join me live daily from August 24 – 28 from 12 – 12:30 PM EST for a 5-Day Sales Challenge where we deconstruct the five most common fears of selling, so you sell with ease and create an abundant business.

See you on the challenge!


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